Eating my wings to make me tame
You can just call me, I cosplay, I roleplay, I doodle, I sometimes take photoset requests, & I have obvious obsessions of a dork like nature.

this is a multi-fandom blog
comics, anime, video games, shows, ect.

DC; Nightwing. Marvel; Wiccan. Video Game; Assassin's Creed II. BBC; Doctor Who/Sherlock. Anime; FLCL/One Piece/Hetalia.

I have been absent from tumblr so long I needed to log in I’m so sorry school is kicking my booty

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me and my bae

school is rough. Sorry I’ve been gone so long. I’ll make it up to you guys promise :U


I Walk A Lonely Road

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Mr Bubbles
Oil on Canvas

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BatgirlĀ (2000-2004) #4

Some Action!Cass for the dash!!!

Nah, seriously, though, I just really like these action poses from this issue.